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Laminated veneer lumber houses is a new turning point in the wooden house-building. Bonded by gluing the peeled and sorted conifer timber parts dried to 10-12% of moisture they combine the environmental friendliness with high durability and sustainability; and by its technical specifications they significantly surpass the traditional construction materials.

“Zapadny Dom” LLC has its own production facilities located in Morozov settlement of Vsevolozhsky district of Leningrad Region and is 30 away from Saint-Petersburg on Murmanskoye shosse.

Key to Success of “Zapadny Dom” LLC:

  1. Team of professionals
  2. Production facilities
  3. State-of-the-art equipment from Italy
  4. Quality and promptness of order fulfillment
  5. Accumulated experience  
  6. Attention and personalized approach to customer
  7. Rigid selection of raw stock suppliers

 Delivery of laminated veneer lumber and products

By your request we will ship your order to any part of Russia and to any spot of the world. Our company is well experienced in export shipments and has solid relationships with shipping companies and customs authorities.

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