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Design houses from glued beams

If you have a desire to build their dream home, which would meet your taste, adhering to stylistic directions, or just ergonomically - intelligently designed for a comfortable stay, our designers will help you make the dream a reality by designing the house as a fortress, the interior is like an oasis, site as a homestead.

A group of experienced professionals, taking into account your wishes and requirements, be actively involved in the design stage in the development of individual home design project facades, in the same context with the interiors of buildings and landscaping of the site with the surrounding buildings.

Thus your "Dream House" will fully meet the modern approach to the construction, and will be able to please you not only quality materials and construction technologies, but also the quality of the artistic embodiment of your dreams!

A great addition to the wooden interior will be original works of fashion Petersburg artist Natalya Kulish.

Exquisite landscapes, executed in oil on canvas, will put the right accents in the interior, adding at the same time "bohemian" real painting and comfort of natural materials.

Talented and modern Natalia Kulish, also creates a unique work (family portraits) for you and your family.

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