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Construction of a country house is always an investment into the future, because that house will most likely be the place to raise further family generations. That is why when selecting the contractor it is important to be sure that you are choosing the high quality product, responsible and professional approach to building.  

Our advantages

  • Quality warranty for all products we manufacture – we provide 3-years` warranty for all our production. The biodeterioration warranty is provided for all wooden structural components. In an unlikely warranty event the defective components will not only be replaced at no charge but the customer shall be reimbursed for 10% of the cost of the component;
  • Timely fulfillment of orders on strictly fixed deadlines – project construction and erection is performed based on the schedule previously agreed with the Customer;
  • Budget control agreed and approved project budget is final and shall not be subject to increase (provided no modifications are made to the approved project);
  • Modern architectural solutions – our company has architects and designers employed on permanent basis, we offer extensive portfolios of custom architectural solutions;
  • Standard projects – standard projects are accomplished within minimal timeframe and in most cost-efficient manner;
  • Our own production facilities for manufacture of the main construction material – the laminated veneer lumber;
  • Strict quality control of raw feedstock – our company has established the system of internal certification of the procured raw stock;

 Our hands-on Experience

  • We know how to build a comfortable, lovely and cozy home that is so pleasant to come back to after a busy day in town.
  • We know how to design a custom outstanding and attractive cottage convenient to host friends or throw open air barbecue parties with good wine.
  • We know how to create a real family nest, the house where the family would gather together and where several grandchildren generations would grow up.
  • We know it because we did it for ourselves and we are ready to share our experience with you.


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