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Laminated veneer lumber house construction

Our company’s main production is the LVL houses. To view the sample projects click on Projects, the photos of some completed projects can be viewed in the  Gallery.

We carry out projects of various complexity. Our library of standard architectural solutions includes several dozens of plans to any taste. We build both small garden and hunting cabins with the area starting from 40 sq.m. and spacious cottages with total area up to 500 sq.m. State-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and professional team ensure fulfillment of the most complicated projects within the shortest possible time.

If none of the standard plans offered satisfies you our architects will create a custom plan of your house based on your requirements. Unusual designer and architectural solutions will make your house unique and attractive. We will be pleased to discuss your ideas of architectural appearance and design of your future home, the required set of premises, conditions of landscape and structural layout. Our architects and engineers will plan the most optimal option for you.

Call us at +7-812-973-4326 and our managers will answer your questions.

Benefits of LVL houses

Saving funds and resources 

Usage of laminated veneer lumber in construction ensures significant savings: 

  • there is no need to wait for house shrinkage;
  • there is no need to leave manufacturing clearances;
  • no interior finishing is required;
  • reduced time for house construction (structures of this kind are assembled based on assembly drawings like the cars on conveyor belt);
  • application of laminated veneer lumber permits construction of houses of larger areas without the need of splicing of structural components. 

 Heat Insulation and Maintaining of Stable Climate

Laminated veneer lumber has a very low heat conduction coefficient. Because there are no cracks in its structure its heat transmission resistance is twice as high as that of solid wood. Thermal properties of 200 mm thick LVL wall correspond to the properties of 640 mm thick brickwork.

 Resistance of Wood to Various Climatic Conditions

When building a LVL house the ends of ready-made products are treated with TEKNOL JRM which ensures stabilization of moisture balance, prevents it from checking and provides efficient protection against mold growth.

Visual Appeal

Due to protective coating the LVL wall does not require extra finishing. The LVL wall is the main interior and exterior decoration of the house. And variety of laminated veneer lumber makes it possible to build houses of any style – from traditional to ultra-modern ones. A wooden house always maintains oxygen balance and optimal air humidity which creates comfortable environment for permanent residence.


Today the laminated veneer lumber is considered to be one of the most environmentally friendly construction materials. Production of this material is one of the leading branches of timber industry. The unique properties of this material give away the accumulated moisture in dry weather and in the damp weather, alternatively, absorb the excessive moisture inside the house. The LVL house is never hot in summer or cold in winter.

Residing in a LVL house benefits the well-being, working ability and health. It is an observation, that people living in their own homes are less susceptible to headaches, depressions or stresses, they sleep and rejuvenate better.

Even after cutting the wood continues to respire, radiate the energy of heat and effuse the aroma of resin creating the unique atmosphere of coziness and warmth in the house. Natural beauty of wood and good house design enable creation of modern comfortable country houses and cottages. A wooden house always has clean air with humidity and oxygen balance being at optimal level regardless of the external conditions, which ensures the comfort of residence. Doctors recommend living in houses like that in the event of respiratory system diseases, allergies or hypertension.

The rooms of a LVL house are filled with wonderful fragrance and the warm colour of living chambers creates a unique psychological climate in the house which benefits our well-being and smoothes down the nervous tension. LVL houses are highly resistant to earthquakes. They are capable of withstanding earthquakes up to 8-9 points.

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